About Us

A New Business

Now-Casting Economics Limited is a new business, publishing forecasts ('now-casts') of current quarter GDP growth for all of the world's major economies - in real time.

This service, built on a state-of-the-art econometric model (see 'Methodology'), is designed to give professional investors and others both a snapshot of 'where we are today', and a transparent framework for reading the economic newsflow.

Accurate, Timely and Transparent

Extensive back-testing analysis shows that, for gauging current quarter GDP, Now-Casting is at least as accurate as the best professional forecasters, but significantly more timely.  This means that if there are significant changes in the macroeconomic environment, we are likely to pick them up earlier than others.

Via our web site you can see the impact that every relevant data release has on GDP - in real time.  Subscribers also have access to a history of input data series and to the continually revised GDP now-cast, via graphs, calendars, and pages of detail on specific data releases.

Multiple Countries, Tailored Service

At present we cover the US, Japan, China, the Euro Area, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and Canada.  Other countries, including some emerging markets countries, are due to be added over the next 6 months.

Customers who subscribe to the 'standard' service get a weekly GDP now-cast series, with a summary every Friday showing how each data release during the week has contributed to revisions in the GDP now-cast.

Customers who subscribe to the 'premium' service get a daily GDP now-cast series, updated after every relevant release, plus daily and weekly summaries.